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Phone number change


Unprinted samples are available


Is your image ready for a Motorcycle Coaster®?


Rush orders


Motorcycle Coasters® are everywhere!



* MotorcycleCoaster.com Newsletter Vol. 1, No. 1 *



Phone number change


The phone numbers to reach Motorcycle Coasters® and Crown Advertising are:


217- 893-4856 (land line)


217-552-4773 (mobile) 


Our legacy toll-free phone number, 800-276-9648, is no longer supported.


Please make a note of it for your records.



Unprinted samples are available


Small quantities of unprinted samples of Motorcycle Coasters® are available at eBay.


Sets of 3 of the same color are $10.49 (as of the date of this newsletter).  Sets of 6 of the same color are $16.95.  Shipping is free, including international shipping.


These can be especially useful if you are in charge of marketing or advertising for a club, business, or special event, and you know that getting a sample of the Motorcycle Coaster® to show to people will help you more than any website description or photograph.  We have discovered ourselves that the best way to get people to appreciate the Motorcycle Coaster® is to get one into their hands.  The small quantities available at eBay provide that opportunity.


Or, you may just want a small quantity to use as drink coasters.  With ten colors to pick from (see our color samples here), there is bound to be one that coordinates with your decor or a color scheme associated with your special event.  If you’re buying them to use at home, buy a few different sets. That way, when you get bored with one color, you can change to another color.  Or, you might rotate them seasonally, with different color schemes for each season.  Something like green, yellow, pink, and purple for spring; yellow and blue for summer; red, orange, and black for autumn; and white, red, and green for winter.  Just an idea!



Is your image ready for a Motorcycle Coaster®?


Your image is the greatest investment in how your printed Motorcycle Coaster® looks.  There are two good ways to determine whether your image is ready to use for printing:


1.     Enlarge your image to 800%.  Do this first.  If, when you enlarge the image, the edges of the image are smooth, the image is print-ready.  If the edges of your enlarged image are rough, the image is not print-ready.


2.     Print your image from your printer.  If it looks good when printed from your printer, it will look good when printed on a Motorcycle Coaster®.  If it does not look good when printed from your printer, it will not look good when printed on a Motorcycle Coaster®.  It’s the old WYSIWYG rule (“what you see is what you get”).


Providing us with the vector image that’s needed to print your Motorcycle Coaster® speeds up production and assures your finished product will look great.


You can get some great information about images at our page Is Your Image Ready?



Rush orders


Occasionally, it happens.  Despite the best laid plans, a last minute order for Motorcycle Coasters® is needed and a customer needs a “rush order” status.


We don’t currently offer an upcharge for a rush order, though we are considering it.  It only happens rarely, and we try to accommodate customers in a rush, within our means.  We cannot always guarantee rush order status; it depends on our production schedule at any given time.


With that in mind, the customer can also help the rush order process along with one simple thing: be prepared.  The two biggest things that slow down production are not having the right kind of image, or payment for the order has not cleared.


Once we have the right type of image and payment for the order has cleared, we can then determine where we can fit the order into the production schedule.


That said, we’re pretty fast anyway!



Motorcycle Coasters® are everywhere!


We want this to be YOUR section of the newsletter.  Send us photos of the Motorcycle Coaster® in use.  If you use one or spot one in use, snap a photo and send it to us.  You may see one being used as a kickstand support, or you may see one being used as a drink coaster.  Either way, we want to see!  Give us a brief description of where you were when you took the photo. We will use your photos in the next edition of the newsletter.


Of course, you can also send us public hyperlinks to your photos or albums at Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc., which will work just as well. 



Thanks again for your interest in Motorcycle Coasters® !!  So long, for now, until the next edition.



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