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The beginning of the Motorcycle Coaster®


Storage logistics for Motorcycle Coasters®


Motorcycle Coasters® as drink coasters


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* Motorcycle Coasters® Newsletter Vol. 1, No. *


The beginning of the Motorcycle Coaster®


How the Motorcycle Coaster® got its name and shape




In 1994, Crown Advertising (CrownAdv.com) began promoting a motorcycle side stand support as part of the company’s ad products line, which focused on (and still does) serving the motorcycling community.  The original side stand support was called the Sure Stand.  It was simply a round, very durable plastic disc, meant to be custom printed.


At right:


The original Sure Stand

The original Sure Stand




The product was a hit, and sales were good. But, something started happening. When customers called to order the Sure Stand, they would refer to the product as a “motorcycle coaster” or simply a “coaster.” Even though Crown Advertising did a diligent job of marketing the Sure Stand brand name, the public simply did not agree with what the product should be called. Perhaps owing to the Sure Stand’s round shape, the product’s nickname “motorcycle coaster” was a phenomenon that was catching on with the company’s customers.


By 1999, two things were being considered regarding the Sure Stand: brand name and product design (shape). It was decided, to mark the beginning of the new millennium, that important changes would be implemented.   


The owner of Crown Advertising, Jack Briere, had become known as “Jack the Coaster Guy” while selling “motorcycle coasters,” despite his reluctance to accept the product’s nickname and his nickname that came along with it. In 2000, after six years of trying to convince customers to call the printed motorcycle side stand support by the brand name Sure Stand, Jack the Coaster Guy (he still uses the nickname today) decided to go along with the tide of public opinion and officially renamed it the Motorcycle Coaster®.  


The other major change to the Sure Stand was its shape. Jack wanted something to make the Motorcycle Coaster® stand out…something other than the “plain, ordinary circle.” And, the idea of the decagon shape was born. For those of you who were bad at geometry (I know I was), that means it’s a 10-sided disc. Jack felt the decagon would make the Motorcycle Coaster® distinctive. He was right. Over the years, the decagon has indeed become a recognizable element of the Motorcycle Coaster®. 


With the new changes in place, a logo was created, the websites MotorcycleCoaster.com and MotorcycleCoasters.com were launched, and a whole division unto itself began at Crown Advertising.


Today, 17 years after the introduction of Motorcycle Coasters®, they are shipped all over the world to a vast variety of businesses, and the brand name is stronger than ever.  Looking back, we are thankful for our persistent customers!



Storage logistics for Motorcycle Coasters®


You’re planning to order (or have already ordered) Motorcycle Coasters® and you have questions about storage. “How much room will it take to store the quantity I ordered? How will I label the boxes?” Here’s a breakdown that should answer all your questions about storage logistics.


Storage: Floor space and stacking


Motorcycle Coasters® are packed in branded boxes. Each box is 12” x 12” x 8” ( length x width x height) = .67 cubic feet.


The amount of storage space consumed is a matter of floor space and height. The floor space for one stack is the same regardless of the height. So, for example, a stack of four boxes will only take the same amount of floor space (12” x 12” – length x width) as one box, but will obviously consume more space in height. As an example of height, one box only consumes eight inches, but a stack of four boxes of Motorcycle Coasters® would be 32 inches in height. A stack of four boxes would be 12” x 12” x 32” = 2.67 cubic feet.


Stacking any boxes in any situation always poses risk, of course, but sometimes is done necessarily. The Motorcycle Coasters® boxes can be stacked, if stacked in a safe manner. Your warehouse personnel should determine the correct, safe height of stacks for your particular storage situation.


Storage: Quantities


A full box holds 270 Motorcycle Coasters® (nine sleeves, 30 each). Of course, smaller quantities may also be stored in a Motorcycle Coasters® box.


Storage: Labeling


Motorcycle Coasters® are packed in branded boxes.  The boxes are printed on all four “sides” of the box; the only places the boxes are not printed are the top and bottom flaps.


You cannot miss the printing.  It’s in a giant font size and includes the Motorcycle Coasters® logo.  That means you won’t have to worry about labeling the boxes and you certainly shouldn’t have any problem finding them once placed into storage.







Blank Motorcycle Coasters® stock in our warehouse.



Motorcycle Coasters® stock



Motorcycle Coasters® as drink coasters


Motorcycle Coasters® kickstand pads are often used as drink coasters on desks, work benches and bars.  Ordering them custom printed is a unique way to commemorate a Memorial Ride, Wedding, Anniversary, Graduation, or any other special event.


Our low minimum quantity economically allows for the creation of an inexpensive keepsake.


All ten colors are available.  There is bound to be one to coordinate with your decor or a color scheme associated with your special event.


See the Motorcycle Coaster® Plastic Colors.



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Thanks again for your interest in Motorcycle Coasters® !!  So long, for now, until the next edition.


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