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Vintage Motorcycle Coaster®, "single" sales


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* Motorcycle Coasters® Newsletter Vol. 2, No. 3 *



Ronda Brown: Modern day motorcycling ambassador


Dale Briere


Motorcycle Coasters® Newsletter  June 1, 2018

Through the years, a number of women riders have been pioneers of motorcycling:

Effie Hotchkiss:  In 1915, Effie Hotchkiss rode a Harley-Davidson motorcycle (with her mother in a sidecar) across the country, from Brooklyn, New York to the Pacific Coast, and back again - a journey of over 9,000 miles.

Bessie Stringfield:  At only 19 years of age in 1930, Bessie Stringfield became the first African-American woman to ride solo across the United States.

Gloria Struck:  Today, at age 92, Gloria Struck still rides motorcycles, as she has been for 75 years. She chronicles some of her stories in her book, “Gloria - A Lifetime Motorcyclist: 75 Years on Two Wheels and Still Riding” (released March 8, 2018).

It was stories like these that inspired Ronda Brown to take up motorcycling.  She was 11 years old when she started riding dirt bikes, and got her first road bike when she was 18.  She left riding for a time while she was raising a family, and returned to riding six years ago.  Today, she’s on an adventure of her own, and is a pioneer in her own right as a social ambassador for a sponsor.


Recently, Ronda graciously granted me an interview and shared the story.


Ronda had been a part-time art teacher, but decided in the fall of 2017 to switch to substitute teaching, allowing her flexibility in her schedule.  While she has always been an avid motorcyclist and loves taking road trips, Ronda could only daydream about taking an extended road trip.  Then came the day she saw the post by the law firm Law Tigers on Facebook.


Law Tigers was seeking its first female “influencer,” a term that over time has evolved into “social ambassador.”  The rules were fairly simple: Post a two-minute video with a little information about yourself and why you would be a good social ambassador.  Approximately sixty women responded.  Law Tigers reviewed the videos and narrowed the field to six finalists.  The next step was to put the finalists up for a public vote.  Ronda won the vote by a wide margin. 


Ronda: “I wasn’t really expecting to win.  I knew my chances had improved, moving into the finalist group, but I still did not expect it, so it was a wonderful surprise. Since I had decided to substitute teach and had the flexibility, I knew I could not pass up the opportunity to hit the road for Law Tigers.  My journey began in March 2018.”


As a social ambassador for Law Tigers, Ronda’s goal is to create awareness and a presence for the firm.  She does that well, as you can see by following her travels on her Facebook page Rolling with Ronda and at rollingwithronda on Instagram.  She has already driven an incredible distance in the first three months - 15,000 miles.  By the time she finishes, she expects to cover 60-75,000 miles, zigzagging across the country four times.  Now THAT is a road trip!


How has Ronda been faring overall as an ambassador for Law Tigers?  Let’s just say the public chose well.  People enjoy meeting her and being around her, and many have invited her into their homes, offering meals, lodging, and friendship.


Law Tigers got a bonus with Ronda, who goes above and beyond her official duties.  She’s only required to attend certain events, after which she could simply retreat to a motel or a campground and call it a day.  But, because Ronda values the opportunity to network with motorcyclists all over the country, she spends time with people she meets.  She often schedules 50-100 mile rides with groups in the local area, especially with women riders.  And, she accepts invitations to visit, if you’re on (or not too far from) the route she’s taking.  In fact, a few weeks before my interview with Ronda, she accepted an invitation from Jack The Coaster Guy to visit him at Motorcycle Coasters®.


Ronda also feels a sense of responsibility to share her passion for motorcycling.  To that end, she finds herself being an “influencer” as much as an ambassador.


Ronda:  “I’m now hoping to influence more women to ride, the way I was inspired by a number of women riders, notably Gloria Struck.”


As luck would have it, Ronda’s journey provided to her the opportunity to meet Gloria!


Ronda: “At Arizona Bike Week, the booth for Law Tigers was next to Gloria’s booth, where she was promoting her new book!  I couldn’t believe it.  Whenever traffic was slow at our booths, we started chatting.  So there I was, hearing first hand, stories from one of the women riders I respect and admire.  And that whole time we were there, she never told the same story twice.”


One small detail that’s no small part of the story to Ronda is the “Rolling with Ronda” logo (recently printed on Motorcycle Coasters®), which she hands out at major events.


Ronda:  “It’s very rewarding to see that one of my former art students has become a professional graphic designer, and he produced the Rolling with Ronda logo for me.  I want to give him a special shout out.”


I asked Ronda if she had any closing remarks for our readers.


Ronda:  “I hope to do a reasonably good job at representing not only Law Tigers, but women riders as well.  I just want you all to know that, while the scenery on this trip is nice, the people I’ve met are even better.  Feel free to reach out to me on my Facebook page.  Also be sure to hit me up at Americade, Laconia, Sturgis, and Thunder in the Rockies.  Rolling with Ronda Motorcycle Coasters® will be available at all those events.  I hope some of you can visit me.”


As Ronda continues her journey as a social ambassador, we wish her all the best and safe travels.  Remember to follow her travels at Rolling with Ronda on Facebook .  She may be rolling into your town soon.


Jack the Coaster Guy and Ronda.

Ronda Brown (Rolling with Ronda) and Jack the Coaster Guy

Lunch break and visit time is over.  Ronda is ready to roll again.

Ronda Brown (Rolling with Ronda). May 7, 2018.

The "Rolling with Ronda" Motorcycle Coasters®.

"Rolling with Ronda" Motorcycle Coasters® 

Ronda was in Washington, D.C. on May 26, 2018 handing out the "Rolling with Ronda" Motorcycle Coasters®.

Ronda (Rolling with Ronda) handing out Motorcycle Coasters®


Ronda, sporting the high-visibility orange long-sleeve Motorcycle Coasters® T-shirt.

Ronda (Rolling with Ronda) wearing a Motorcycle Coasters® T-shirt 

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Jerry Friedman (Law4Hogs) donates Motorcycle Coasters®


Jerry Friedman, The Motorcycle Attorney, has been a motorcyclist since age 18.  He graduated in 1975 from Rutgers Law School, Camden.  Specializing in motorcycle law, Jerry has been serving the legal needs of the motorcycling community since 1977.

The Law Office of Jerry Friedman, P.C. serves motorcyclists throughout New Jersey.  The firm provides free legal services to many motorcycle riding clubs and offers free telephone consultations.  His practice concentrates on personal injury matters, with a particular emphasis on motorcycle accidents.  His experience in handling the unique problems associated with motorcycle accidents provides his clients with an advantage not offered by other law firms. 


Jerry supports motorcyclists in New Jersey by offering FREE Motorcycle Coasters® to organizations as a "great fundraiser for your upcoming New Jersey riding club event."  See the details here.
Pictured at right:  The Law4Hogs Motorcycle Coaster®.   See full size image here.

Law4Hogs Motorcycle Coaster®

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Motorcycle Coasters® are everywhere - Old Koots on Scoots

Recently, Old Koots on Scoots (check them out on Facebook) ordered Motorcycle Coasters®.  They were very happy !!   They sent us the photo below.

Old Koots on Scoots Motorcycle Coaster®

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Vintage Motorcycle Coaster®, "single" sales

Up until about ten years ago, we offered customers the option of buying a single Motorcycle Coaster® for $3.  Pictured here is a photo, sent to us by a long-time customer, of a Motorcycle Coaster® from that era.  Note the "stripped down" nature of this version: no phone number, address, or website URL.

You can still buy small quantities of unprinted Motorcycle Coasters® at eBay.

Vintage Motorcycle Coaster® 


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Jack The Coaster Guy on the road


For this edition of "Jack The Coaster Guy on the road", we have photos of Jack at the Springfield Mile (Springfield, IL), Memorial Day weekend 2018.

Vintage Iron Riders (VIR), Springfield, IL hosted the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club (VJMC) at the Springfield Mile's Vintage Iron Park/Display. Although the race was rained out and a canopy was ruined by the wind, everyone had a great time anyway!  VIR hosted about 80 bikes in the Vintage Iron Park/Display.  VJMC member machines may have been about 10% of the total.  Everyone with a motorcycle 25 years old or older is welcome to show their motorcycle at this event.  Riders just ride in and park next to the Grandstands.  If you want to display a non-running machine, help is available to get it there.

Jack The Coaster Guy at the entrance to the Springfield Mile's Vintage Iron Park/Display


Jack The Coaster Guy




Jack The Coaster Guy (Jack Briere), as the Southern Illinois Field Representative for VJMC.


Jack The Coaster Guy




VJMC Motorcycle Coasters®


VJMC Motorcycle Coasters® VJMC Motorcycle Coasters®




Vintage Iron Park/Display


Vintage Iron Park/Display




Another one from the Vintage Iron Park/Display


Vintage Iron Park/Display



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